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MrASingh, The Creative

Morph's Epic Art Adventure London art trail, Guildhall. Whizz Kidz, Wild in Art
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MrASingh, Owl sculpture Nottingham

MrASingh is a highly experienced artist, creative director, content creator and public speaker from Birmingham, with over a 15 years of experience in the creative industries. He has collaborated with top brands worldwide to deliver exceptional digital content initiatives, successfully leading numerous campaigns.


MrASingh is a multi award-winning artist who channels his passion for nature and world cultures into his vivid and textured mixed media artworks. Through mesmerising pattern work and colour, he captures the beauty and diversity of our world, inviting viewers to join him on a journey of exploration and discovery. Through his captivating art, MrASingh invites viewers to tap into their own creativity and ignite their sense of wonder.

As his art gained rapid popularity through years of live streaming and his creative use of social media, MrASingh launched Wild Lotus Art, a brand that produces stunning ink art, premium prints, and postcards. His art has captured the hearts of art lovers worldwide resulting in a global fanbase, and has been featured in over 40 exhibitions, including at prestigious locations such as The Wallace Collection in London, Trafalgar Square, and Mission Art 415 in San Francisco.


MrASingh is a champion for the arts and culture, as well as digital skills sharing, and is actively involved in inspiring the next generation; helping raise the bar of young people. He has also published two books and delivered inspiring talks on various stages across the UK, Europe, and America, including a captivating TEDx talk.


  • Bachelors degree from Coventry University

  • Masters degree from Southampton University, Winchester School of Art

Recent Awards

  • Finalist: Sikh Spirit of Britain award, British Sikh Awards, 2022

  • Winner: Arts and Culture award, British Indian Awards 2018

  • Finalist: Arts and Culture award, Birmingham Awards 2018

  • Nominated: Positive Role Model award, National Diversity Awards

  • Winner of the Birmingham’s Future Face of Arts and Culture Award 2017

Art commissions, public art, sculpture art, social media strategy, creative direction, digital consultancy, producer mentoring, creative workshops, public speaking.

Get in touch


A small selection of clients I've worked
with on various exciting projects:


2024 (new exhibitions coming soon!)


  • Shaun The Sheep, Clumber Park, Nottinghamshire (live)

  • Eurovision, Liverpool

  • Elmer at Petworth House, National Trust, West Sussex

  • Amazing Morph, Guildhall, London

  • Tortoise Takeover, St Helier and La Mare, Jersey

  • Herd in the City, Southend-On-Sea, Essex

  • The Big Hop, Turriff, Aberdeen

  • The Big Dog, Swindon


  • Big Splash, Isle of Man

  • Coventry City of Culture, City Centre

  • Fargo Village, Coventry 


  • NHS Gratitude, Birmingham, Edinburgh
    and London

  • Derby Ram, Derbyshire

  • Light the North, Aberdeen

  • Elmer’s Big Heart, Kent

  • Lincoln IMP Trail, Lincolnshire

  • Octopus Ahoy, Essex

  • Big Trunk Trail, Luton

  • Worcester’s Big Parade, Worcester

  • Rocket Round, Leicester


  • The Wise Owl Walk, Nottingham 


  • HospiceHeART exhibition, The Royal Porcelain Works, Worcester

  • Elmer's Big Art Parade: Plymouth

  • Go Wild Gorillas: St Helier, Jersey

  • Lions of Windsor, Windsor

  • Oor Wullie's Big Bucket Trail, Edinburgh

  • Wallabies Gone Wild, Isle of Man

Previous exhibitions:

  • The Big Sleuth Birmingham, Worcester Stands Tall, Forward Exhibition, Birmingham Design Festival. Trafalgar Square, London. The Wallace Collection, London. Mission Art 415, San Francisco. Birmingham City Council. The Savoy, London. Watford Palace Theatre. Brindley Place, Birmingham.

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