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'Oceana' Dolphin sculpture, Isle of Man

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Location: Ballure Walk, Ramsey, 2022. Big Splash Isle of Man.

Following the success of the Wallabies Gone Wild art trail in 2019, The Big Splash saw a large pod of individually designed Dolphin sculptures placed around the Isle of Man for everyone to see and enjoy. Forming an unforgettable 12-week trail around the island’s most spectacular coastal locations and open spaces, these beautifully-decorated sculptures helped spark a journey of marine exploration like never before.

The process

Inspired by the islands rich and varied marine biodiversity with an explosion of colour and bold lines (including lots of fluorescent paint, glitter, paint splatter and texture!).

“Oceana is inspired by the rich and varied biodiversity of the seabed and the explosion of colour represents the variety of creatures."

The reaction from the public

The #Oceana Dolphin was placed in a beautiful park surrounded by greenery making the sculpture stand out. It was loved by the public and they shared many photos across social media. A few of my favourites below.

The final sculpture


Name: Oceana

Location: Ballure Walk, Ramsey

Client: Cornerstone Architects

Materials - Fiberglass sculpture. Acrylic paint, metallic, glitter, and posca pens.

Charity: Hospice Isle of Man

Related hashtags: #BigSplashIOM


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