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'Coexist' Wallaby Sculpture - Wallabies Gone Wild

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Location: Ramsey, Isle of Man 2019.

The mass participation event Wallabies Gone Wild saw the Isle of Man brought to life in summer 2019 by a mob of beautifully designed wallaby sculptures, painted by local artists. In its 35th year the Hospice wanted a project to give something back to the community; to provide both direct and in-direct benefits to all involved.

The process

I spent a few days on the Isle of Man in March painting and 'doodling' on the 5ft fiberglass sculpure and loved every second of it (even the cold). The second time I visited my wallaby was in July where I got to see the island properly and enjoyed seeing the vibrant colours on the sculpture really stand out!

My wallaby was located in the picturesque Mooragh Park, Ramsey and part of a public art project by Wallabies Gone Wild. The sculpture was auctioned off with the money raised going towards supporting the Hospice Isle of Man.


The reaction from the public

#Coexist was really well received on the trail with so many photographs taken from the public and shared across social media. It was my first trail on the Isle of Man and the local community, team and sponsors were awesome.


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